Why is patient profile picture uploading sideways?

This article helps explain why photos will upload in a rotated format.

It's important to understand that the way a photo appears visually, is not always how the data is encrypted within the actual image. 

Think about taking a picture with your smartphone held sideways and then once uploaded to your desktop you use a quick tool to rotate the image. Visually it may appear the way you want the image to appear, but the saved data still has the image in a sideways landscape. It's frustrating when you upload a photo that appears one way and uploads in a different rotation. 

The remedy is to either take the photo in the direction it is intended (device/camera upward position), or to use a third party official editing app that will hardcode the rotation and save that data as such. Once the edit is hardcoded that image will appear and upload in the same format.

The quickest and easiest fix is to simply take the photo in the direction intended. 

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