Why is my patient's subjective complaint not populating from the intake form?

This article will address why subjective complaints are missing from your patient's intake forms.

When a user sends intakes from one case and deletes said case, the user has now disconnected the intakes from the case in which they were sent. 

The case that was associated with the intakes can be from the patient's appointment block if sent from the vCard. Or if the intakes were sent from the clinical dashboard; it would be the case that was selected when accessing the patient.

You can confirm the original case was deleted if the following points apply:

  • Under the intakes tab, the “Date Received” is blank & the PDF (click folder icon) of the intakes is blank. See the image below for reference.

  • The intakes show in the Medical File, but do not populate into the SOAP/exam note.

POI Default Case Deleted


Tip: It is better to update the default case for a patient rather than deleting the default & creating a new case.