On-Demand Training Videos: Learn ChiroFusion at your own pace

ChiroFusion's on-demand training videos are a great way to get take control of your own learning at a pace that suits you.

Training Video Tutorials

Our recorded webinars are a great supplement to live training. A training specialist will walk you through every feature of our software and show you how to get the most from ChiroFusion. We recommend starting with Part 1 and working your way through the series in order.  

Part 1 Topics: Practice Settings - System Overview - Patient Scheduling


  • Facility settings
  • Adding doctors and staff users to the system
  • Setting office hours and breaks
  • Creating custom, color-coded appointment types
  • Resetting user passwords 


  • Getting help quickly
  • Adding a digital signature
  • Exporting patient demographics
  • Adding referring providers
  • Configuring text appointment reminders
  • Adding insurance companies and insurance plans
  • Registering patients (both new and current)
  • Attaching insurance coverage to patient profiles
  • Working with Cases
  • Clinical and patent dashboard overview
  • Setting up insurance authorizations
  • Setting alerts and adding notes
  • Documenting patient medical history (past and current)
  • Outcomes Assessments
  • Adding and exporting medical records


  • Scheduling new appointments
  • Editing existing appointments
  • Appointment status
  • Recurring appointments
  • Text appointment reminders
  • Creating quick SOAP notes from Calendar
  • Running appointment reports
  • Working with Tasks and To-Do lists

Part 2 Topics: Reporting and Documentation


  • Customizing Exam templates
  • Customizing SOAP templates
  • Exams vs SOAP notes
  • Creating Exams (Initial Exam)
  • Using voice dictation
  • Entering Subjective complaints
  • Documenting Objective findings
  • Range of motion exams
  • Orthopedic exams
  • Neurologic exams
  • Diagnostic studies
  • ICD codes - Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Creating Care Plan templates
  • Entering CPT codes and modifiers
  • Saving Drafts
  • Signing Notes
  • Clinical Dashboard
  • Quick SOAP notes (from calendar)
  • Quick Re-Exams
  • Working with the Visit History tab
  • Managing notes and reports

Part 3 Topics: Billing & Claims Management


  • Fee Schedules
  • Modifiers
  • Place of Service (POS) and Type of Service (TOS) settings
  • Adjustment types
  • Extra charges - adding products or extra services
  • Close reasons
  • Defining Patient Statement criteria
  • Credit card types
  • HCFA 1500 print settings


  • Auto-generating claims from the EMR
  • Manually generating claims from the billing module
  • Printing and sending claims
  • Auto vs manual claim generation
  • Editing claims before filing
  • Tracking electronic claims
  • Patient accounting
  • Collecting co-payments and applying to patient account
  • ERAs and auto-payment posting
  • EOBs and manual payment posting
  • Posting payments to multiple DOS or multiple patient accounts
  • EOB summary: Posted and closed checks
  • Tracking deposits
  • Working with self-pay or uninsured patients
  • Pre-pay packages: Setting up and tracking visits
  • Transferring unapplied credits from one account to another
  • Issuing refunds
  • Deleting payments
  • Working with the account ledger
  • Sending out patient statements
  • Claims management: Editing and refiling claims
  • Billing reports