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How to create and use macros in ChiroFusion.

Macros are text expanders which can save you time when documenting a visit. Macros also give you the ability to quickly and easily customize your notes.

Macros allow you to enter a sequence of keys that are replaced by a snippet of text that you have designated in the software. The following videos offer a step-by-step guide to creating and using macros within ChiroFusion.


1. Set-up and install macros:

Set-Up Macros With ChiroFusion


2. To start creating Macros, install Text Blaze to your Chrome Browser:

Text Blaze: Macros Text Expander Install

You can also install our sample macros directly from Text Blaze by searching 'ChiroFusion'.


3. Search "ChiroFusion" & submit your request to join in order to review/share topics discussing the use of Text Blaze in ChiroFusion.

Text Blaze_ChiroFusion Request


Please contact Text Blaze via email to schedule your personal one-on-one walk-through & to start exploring all the ways that enhanced macros can streamline your daily notes.

Text Blaze Support: chirofusion@blaze.today.