Billing Reports: We offer various reports for tracking billing activity and productivity

This article provides a summary of the billing reports available in ChiroFusion. New reports are being added with each software update.

ChiroFusion offers the following billing reports to help track billing activity and productivity. These reports can be printed or exported to Excel. All billing reports that are run over the 60-day time range will be located in the Report Tracking tab within 24 hours. 

  • Patient Aging: Pending balances for Patient Responsibility. 
  • Insurance Aging: Pending balances by Payer and by Patient. 
  • Approved Charges: Summary For Approved Charges by Date and by User.
  • Payments Summary: Overview of all Patient and Insurance payments.
  • Extra Charges Report: Productivity tracking units sold and Payment Summary.
  • Most Commonly Used ICD-10 Codes: Frequency and total use by code breakdown.
  • Most Commonly Used CPT Codes: Frequency and total use by code breakdown.
  • Procedure Payment Summary: Procedure code breakdown showing Insurance/Patient payments and adjustments.
  • Provider Productivity: Procedure code utilization by Provider.
  • Account Activity: Overview of Charges, Payments, File Dates, Payers & Pending Balances
  • Adjustment: Patient balance write-offs and the specific adjustment reasons that were used.
  • Payer Payment Summary: Posted EOB/ERAs and the user that posted the checks.