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How do I attach notes to electronic claims?

This article covers how to attach notes to electronic claims in Office Ally. Auto and Workman's Compensation carriers requiring notes to be submitted with claims.

Once you have filed an electronic claim in ChiroFusion, you have the ability to log into your Office Ally account an attach a note if the Payer appears on the approved list.


Follow these steps to attach notes to electronic claim files.

  1. File your claim electronically through ChiroFusion and wait until Office Ally processes the claim and assigns it a 10 digit ID number.
  2. Export your note for the visit from ChiroFusion to your desktop.
  3. Log into your Office Ally account and follow these instructions.

Before you can begin utilizing this feature, you must contact Office Ally at (360) 975-7000 and request that the attachments feature be turned on for your account. 

Electronic submission of supporting documentation is predominantly available for Auto and Workers Compensation Payer. Please contact Office Ally directly to confirm if a specific Payer accepts attachments.